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"To see or to behold beautiful" by Sheraton

“So much D R I P …”

Sheraton Gatlin

Have you seen the new glossy lid that is trending? Well check out this amazing look. Actually completed using none other than the Jaclyn Hill palette! Yes, yes, yes. Can you feel my excitement? Talk about colors really coming to life. And now that the palette allows me to do that, why not spark it up a bit on the eyes?

I was almost confident I used the wrong gloss to make this look come to life. However, in makeup, there are always options for improvising. Oh the joy of art! I actually used a very inexpensive clear “lip gloss” by @makeupsherimoya to get the job done. Used mainly for the purpose of the photoshoot. It is definitely not the gloss I would recommend for all day wear, and on the eyes, as it seemed a little heavy to me. Going lighter during application is always an option. However, I am still unsure if I would be satisfied still due to the weight of the gloss and the texture. Sticky and it can get messy.

I have been doing my research and its time to add to the kit again! I recently found a Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat I am excited to try. This may be a more lightweight product and it is also inexpensive. It is said to have long wear as my biggest concern would also be avoiding the eyeshadow creasing by the latter part of the day. If it is lightweight hopefully it doesn’t run onto the top lashes, bottom lashes, or the face. Lip gloss and foundation, hmm, not quite the mix I was going for.

I must agree the glossy lid is one of thee best makeup looks. I mark it a favorite! It is absolutely gorgeous in clean editorial shots focusing on the eye lid. For this look I completed, the glossy lid added just the “pop” I was looking to create. Model @sapphirewavez brought the personality to the photo which made the look even more eccentric resulting in so much D R I P.

Vashanty 7.jpg