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"To see or to behold beautiful" by Sheraton

Skin is Everything!

Sheraton Gatlin

So what is your weekly skin regimine for cleansing? Oh the comfort in knowing the days I do not have time for makeup my skin has my back. Coming from the girl whose mother use to ask “Why are you so dark around the eyes?” I slowly but surely became comfortable in my own skin. But, “How?” I am so glad you asked.

It took some time and true dedication to focus on what products were being utilized to cleanse my skin. Typically satisfied with “Clean & Clear”, it was no longer a product suitable for me. I had to find a product that would not only cleanse, but also moisturize, and help even my skin tone. Your skin is also an investment. You may have to spend more on a product that will work for you especially if you have sensitive skin that needs more attention. Or, maybe even seek a dermatologist dependent upon the skin condition and from there, find products that are right for you. Ingredients within a product can also mean everything! Take the time and read labels.

Attending the PMAC Makeup Expo in Atlanta as a glambassador (brand ambassador) for Beauty Marked Cosmetics, I was able to network and do business with a vendor @theglamgirl that vended “Mindful Mists”. The line is prominent for amazing aromatherapy and skincare products. I left the table with the Rosemary + Geranium Facial Cleanser, the Tea Tree +Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil, and the Mindful Mists Body Oil Lime + Ginger.  I must say, it was money well spent. I began to alternate daily between an exfoliating scrub and the Rosemary + Geranium Facial Cleaner. After cleansing, my skin began to feel soft and moisturized, not so dry and tight. At night, I would apply the Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil and sleep with it applied to my face allowing it to truly settle into my skin. A few drops of the oil goes a long way. I began to notice my skin didn’t seem so dark and two-toned but brighter, softer, with its own natural light. Investing in products that imitate the skins natural oils will leave you truly feeling comfortable with the skin you’re in. Find a routine that works for you and commit to it. Skin is everything!