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"To see or to behold beautiful" by Sheraton

“So much D R I P …”

Sheraton Gatlin

Have you seen the new glossy lid that is trending? Well check out this amazing look. Actually completed using none other than the Jaclyn Hill palette! Yes, yes, yes. Can you feel my excitement? Talk about colors really coming to life. And now that the palette allows me to do that, why not spark it up a bit on the eyes?

I was almost confident I used the wrong gloss to make this look come to life. However, in makeup, there are always options for improvising. Oh the joy of art! I actually used a very inexpensive clear “lip gloss” by @makeupsherimoya to get the job done. Used mainly for the purpose of the photoshoot. It is definitely not the gloss I would recommend for all day wear, and on the eyes, as it seemed a little heavy to me. Going lighter during application is always an option. However, I am still unsure if I would be satisfied still due to the weight of the gloss and the texture. Sticky and it can get messy.

I have been doing my research and its time to add to the kit again! I recently found a Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat I am excited to try. This may be a more lightweight product and it is also inexpensive. It is said to have long wear as my biggest concern would also be avoiding the eyeshadow creasing by the latter part of the day. If it is lightweight hopefully it doesn’t run onto the top lashes, bottom lashes, or the face. Lip gloss and foundation, hmm, not quite the mix I was going for.

I must agree the glossy lid is one of thee best makeup looks. I mark it a favorite! It is absolutely gorgeous in clean editorial shots focusing on the eye lid. For this look I completed, the glossy lid added just the “pop” I was looking to create. Model @sapphirewavez brought the personality to the photo which made the look even more eccentric resulting in so much D R I P.

Vashanty 7.jpg

Pass Me the DOPE! My "DOPE" lipstick ...

Sheraton Gatlin

that is! You can also find it online at duchesscosmetics.com and order yours today. I had so much fun doing this photo-shoot in Downtown Atlanta. And coming together with other women that are successful entrepreneurs made it that much more empowering.

I remember when I first laid eyes on Duchess Cosmetics, “Dope” instantly was one of my favs! Go bold or go home. It is necessary at times and Duchess Cosmetics was created to give those that love makeup exactly what they have been looking for. Duchess Cosmetics prides itself on exciting colors that are amazing. The lip colors also give you full coverage and a little product goes a long way. I most certainly can’t forget to add Duchess Cosmetics includes paraben –free ingredients, shea butter, vitamin E, and more giving you the product you and your makeup bag deserves. Even for those that are vegan, Duchess Cosmetics was made for you!

“Beauty and Brains” is also a gorgeous nude you can find in the Duchess Cosmetics collection. It is absolutely creamy and subtle and who can live without a nude? A nude is always my go to!

Duchess Cosmetics also offers lip kits which are currently on sale! Each kit contains five products originally valued at $60, currently on sale for $35. The lip kits contain a waterproof lip liner, lip primer, long lasting crème lipstick, super-shine luxe lipgloss, and a makeup bag. So, take advantage of a major deal and invest in a product well worth it. Duchess Cosmetics offers many other products to compliment your beauty. With sales and promotions you can purchase Duchess Cosmetics at an affordable price. You will not be disappointed.



Lets Talk Palettes!

Sheraton Gatlin

Has anyone else ever been afraid of color when it comes to wearing eyeshadow? I use to always stick to a neutral color scheme and never steer far from it. Covergirl “Golden Sunset” to be exact! I mastered applying these Covergirl shades on me, and it became the look that worked for me. Any eyeshadow to match my natural brown skin worked for me. But change is always good and a little color pop can add some spice every now and then.

Smokey eyes were not my friend as it seems to be treacherous for most. I must laugh behind that. As I struggled to be able to complete such a task of a smokey eye without looking like a raccoon in the end. The smokey eye look always seemed to make me look dark around the eyes, as if I needed any help with that. Working on my skin became my focus because of dark circles around my eyes and skin discoloration. I certainly did not want to add any eye shadow that was going to enhance that. Becoming a makeup artist and playing with colors has changed my entire outlook on the smokey eye. I learned when in doubt, just keep blending!

One of the palettes I recently was given as a gift was the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette with 35 shades. It is absolutely AMAZING! An investment well worth it. The color payoff is well worth the purchase. I love pigmented eyeshadows and if you do too, add this to your kit. These shades are pigmented, apply well, and blend smooth. There is no build up and difficult time attempting to move the makeup. I applied a clear gloss to the top of the eyeshadow shades when completing a recent look and the end result was gorgeous. The eyeshadow shades stayed in place where applied although the top gloss was added. I knew when I seen this palette on display it was a must have!


Skin is Everything!

Sheraton Gatlin

So what is your weekly skin regimine for cleansing? Oh the comfort in knowing the days I do not have time for makeup my skin has my back. Coming from the girl whose mother use to ask “Why are you so dark around the eyes?” I slowly but surely became comfortable in my own skin. But, “How?” I am so glad you asked.

It took some time and true dedication to focus on what products were being utilized to cleanse my skin. Typically satisfied with “Clean & Clear”, it was no longer a product suitable for me. I had to find a product that would not only cleanse, but also moisturize, and help even my skin tone. Your skin is also an investment. You may have to spend more on a product that will work for you especially if you have sensitive skin that needs more attention. Or, maybe even seek a dermatologist dependent upon the skin condition and from there, find products that are right for you. Ingredients within a product can also mean everything! Take the time and read labels.

Attending the PMAC Makeup Expo in Atlanta as a glambassador (brand ambassador) for Beauty Marked Cosmetics, I was able to network and do business with a vendor @theglamgirl that vended “Mindful Mists”. The line is prominent for amazing aromatherapy and skincare products. I left the table with the Rosemary + Geranium Facial Cleanser, the Tea Tree +Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil, and the Mindful Mists Body Oil Lime + Ginger.  I must say, it was money well spent. I began to alternate daily between an exfoliating scrub and the Rosemary + Geranium Facial Cleaner. After cleansing, my skin began to feel soft and moisturized, not so dry and tight. At night, I would apply the Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil and sleep with it applied to my face allowing it to truly settle into my skin. A few drops of the oil goes a long way. I began to notice my skin didn’t seem so dark and two-toned but brighter, softer, with its own natural light. Investing in products that imitate the skins natural oils will leave you truly feeling comfortable with the skin you’re in. Find a routine that works for you and commit to it. Skin is everything!